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How To Make A Website

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  Beginner Website Creation Tutorials

How To Make A Web Site

Welcome to www.how-2-make-a-website.com free beginner site develoment tutorials! The no nonsense, no scamming, lying and time waisting webmaster resource. I suggest that you read this full web page if you want to save money.

If you are serious and you want to make a quality professional website without being a rocket scientist or web guru then stay on this site and learn how to make a simple, but yet effective money generating website. If not then all I can say is thank you for taking the time to take a glimpse of what this site has got to offer. Good luck with your endeavors. :)

You have found a website that will share with you how 2 create a website from the conceptualization, planning, implementation, promotional, traffic generating and making money online stages, step by step. It does not matter if you a kid, teenager or adult.

Follow my advice and you will soon be making not only your first website, but generate traffic and make money online with your web sites or blogs.

So you want to know "How to make a website?". Listen to me and you will soon be on your way to make your first website or blog. ;)

Let's not waste time and jump straight into make a website. The following are examples of site creation video tutorials that I have created that will show you step by step how to create a web site. I don't just like to talk, but practically show you how to build a site. You can make a site with just notepad and ms paint. Free programs in Microsoft windows operating system.

Video Tutorial - How to view a web page source code
Video Tutorial - How to make your first web page
How to make a website video tutorials Avoid People Stealing Your Domain Name
How to make a website video tutorials Avoid People Stealing Your Domain Name

Here at how to make a website you will find a lot of practical information and website templates that will help you to achieve your website goals.

Online Website HTML Code Testing Lab Here is an example website I made with online html code testing lab

In the online code testing lab below, I'm showing you a basic html website layout and structure that you can experiment with. You can edit the html code and view it in a new window. This is a basic html website example without doctypes declarations and css code. Click test the HTML code.

You can experiment and edit the code live. Change for example:

  • bgcolor="EFEFEF" to bgcolor="FF6600" or bgcolor="yellow"

Play around with the code and edit anything even the text and then view your changes live.

If you don't know anything about html coding, whether you want to make a table based site layout or tabless css website layout then go here to beginner html tutorials to learn how to create a website with html.

Maybe you just want to experiment and make a free personal website just for fun of it, or you want to become a serious webpreneur that wants to make a living from the internet. Anybody is capable of creating a successful website, whether you are a kid, teenager or adult.

My goal is for you to start making your own website(s) from scratch even if you have never made one before. We all have to start somewhere. I definitely did.

Make Money With Website Make money with a website or blog

I get lots of e-mails and people that that ask me "Is it possible to make money online with a website or a blog?".

My answer to them is "Yes!" and I'm living proof of it.

To wet your appetite here is an example of money I'm generating with my websites. I personally have made and still make thousands of US dollars with all of my online revenue streams over the years. Imagine earning extra pocket money or even do it full-time and earn an online salary that can be used to pay of your debt or even buy a house, car, education for kids etc.

These are just a couple of checks that I get every month. Click on a check to enlarge it.

$300 Google Adsense Cheque  $260 Bluehost Cheque  $132 Clickbank Cheque

Follow my advice and you will also soon be making money online. It is important to note that making money online is not a quick get rich scheme, but will take planning, commitment and dedication to do it. Hard work and not giving up is key here. If you lazy then this will probably not be for you.

Let's start to make your own website with a quick overview of what's involved in building a website.

Make money online
Make money online
  1. Register a domain name (web address)
  2. Choose a web hosting company (web space) and get website hosting
  3. Build your website (design and structure)
  4. Upload / ftp your website files to a web site hosting server
  5. Promote your website - (build website traffic or site vistors)
  6. Monetize your website (make money with your site)


It is that simple! If you follow these 6 steps and work hard a it then you will have a 24/7 money generating online money generating website machine. You don't need to be a rocket scientist, web guru or spend thousands of dollars. Imagine laying on the beach relaxing like me and getting passive online website income month after month. It is not a dream or fairy tale, but reality. I'm doing it and so can you.

It is important to take note of the famous saying "Good food takes time!", so it will take some time for your website to get results, but it is possible if you are dedicated, committed and work hard at it. Laziness and building a successful online empire don't go hand in hand.

Here you can have a look at a total 12 phase quick website building overview.

The basic steps to create a website are as follows:

How to register a website domain name Step 1 - Register a Domain Name (website address)

From years of personal website experience I have had free sub domains with companies and I learned the hard way that Rather register your own domain name than to use a subdomain name and promote someone else's site. Read more about domain names here and get your domain name here. register a domain name

Domain Name Video Tutorial | How to avoid people stealing your domain name idea - The last thing you want is to do a domain availablity search using Whois and then you see the domain is available. You don't purchase the domain go back later to find someone else registered your unique domain name. I'm talking of experience.

How to make a website video tutorials Avoid People Stealing Your Domain Name


How to to choose a web hosting company Step 2 - Choose a Web Hosting company (web space)

You will need a web host that will host all your website files e.g images, web pages etc. on their server. You get free website hosting, but it is better to pay for your hosting. Choose a web hosting company (web space)

Things to look for in a web hosting company:

  • Affordable, inexpensive (cheap) reliable web site hosting
  • Uptime - most hosting companies promise 99% uptime for your website
  • How much monthly bandwidth do they offer? - some web hosts offer limited and others unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • How much web hosting space do the web hosting company give? - some companies have a limit and others unlimited web hosting
  • Support
  • ...

Read more here about hosting and get cheap website hosting

get website hosting for your website


How To Create Your Website Step 3 - Create your Website (design and structure)

You have purchased your domain name and web hosting, so the next step is to create your website. There are various options to make a free or paid website.

  1. Buy a website template that you can edit and customize to your specifications and liking.
  2. Hire someone to build your website for you.
  3. Web hosting companies give free website builders with web hosting. If you buy web hosting for your site then you can use their web builders, for free.
  4. Do it yourself. To make a website you will have to learn html. There are also great software e.g. Macromedia Dreamweaver (this site was built with it), Microsoft Front Page / Web Expression, CoffeeCup etc. Go here if you want to learn html and build a website.
  5. Try this complete website, domain registering, website hosting and making money solution here. create your website (design and structure)


How to FTP website files to web hosting server Step 4 - Upload / FTP files to Web Hosting Server

You've finished your website. The next step will be to upload all the resources (html pages, images etc.) to your hosting server.

You will use FTP software like (WS FTP Pro, CuteFTP etc.) to upload your site to the server. Most web hosting companies provide FTP like cPanel for free, when you host your site with them. upload / ftp files to hosting server


How to Promote A Website Step 5 - Promote your Website - (Build Website Traffic)

So you are finished with the building of your website and uploaded it to your hosting server. Now what?

The next step will be to further promote your website. There are lots of ways to promote your website. promote your website - build website traffic


How to make money with a website Step 6 - How to make money online with your website

You've succesfully created your website and promoted it. Then last step will be to make money online with your website. Read more here of how I personally make thousands of US dollars with my information websites. how to make money with your website

Hope you have enjoyed the introduction. If you want to give me feedback or want me to help you personally with your websites and blogs then please contact me here: how to make a website feedback

How To Make Money Online

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