Building your own website

Do not blame your luck if you are observing a steady dip in the number of sales through your brick and mortar store. You avoided modern technology by not hosting your website and are now suffering from the consequences. The number of individuals, preferring to purchasing goods and services from online stores started a decade or so ago. However, thanks to the advent of net enabled smartphones, which allows users to browse the net and purchase their requirements while on the move is increasing rapidly. Based on the results of independent surveys, more than 75% of people prefer hiring services and purchasing goods from the internet, as it is convenient, and does not require them to waste time and energy visiting several physical stores to find items that they need. If you want to boost your business, you need to embrace it solutions, and host your website.

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The step by step method

You first need to find a professional web designing agency in your locality who have years of experience in designing top quality websites and in depth knowledge of search engine optimisation too. Instead of contacting the first agency you find online, note down the contact details of a couple of them, and get in touch with them. Explain to them the details of your physical store, the products you are selling through it, and your target market. This will provide them with valuable information, required to design a suitable website. You also need to explain whether you want to focus on the local market or all parts of United Kingdom or capture overseas clients too.

What are they offering and for how much

Once you have discussed with several agencies, you will have a clear picture of what they offer and how much will they charge for the same. It is a good idea to select an agency that, apart from designing your website, will also take the responsibility of:

- Selecting a suitable domain name for your site and registering it

- Find a reliable and affordable host for hosting your website

- Optimize your website so that it appears on the top of search results for keywords and key phrases related to your services and products

- Audit the performance of your website on a regular basis and ensure that it has a higher ranking than that of your competitors

- Will post the details of your services and products on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin

- Will include a blog on your site and update it regularly with fresh, rich, and relevant content on a frequent basis, as Google gives higher preference to sites that follow this method

Design of your website

Your website's design plays a huge role in garnering more clients to it. Ensure that the agency you hire has knowledge of CSS (cascading style sheets), as they can use this for making your website mobile friendly. Employing responsive design ensures that your website renders properly on all types of display devices.

Selecting proper domain name and optimizing images

The agency should select a domain name that is in tandem with the products you plan to sell. This is a vital part of SEO. They should also include "alt" tags with images as this makes those images search engine friendly. Search engines can read text but they cannot understand images.

Choosing a web host

Ensure that the agency chooses a web hosting agency that has an uptime of more than 99.99%. This ensures that potential clients visiting your site are not greeted with the "404 page not found" message.

The result

Do not expect results overnight. However, if the agency has implemented all necessary steps outlined above, it shall not be long before the number of footfalls on your website starts increasing. You can be sure that you will be able to convert visitors to clients and retain them as long as you offer them the best value for their money.